Milestone Ministries



Baptism is a gift from God offered to all as a “mark” of faith in Jesus Christ. By water and the Holy Spirit we are made members of the Church, which is the body of Christ. We offer baptism services for infants, children and adults. All are welcome!

Baptisms are held during our regular worship services. If you are interested in scheduling a baptism, you may do so by contacting the church office at 320-762-2196.

Bibles for 3 year-olds, Third Graders and Sixth Graders

At First Lutheran, we believe faith is caught; not just taught. That is why we seek to equip parents to fulfill the promises parents/guardians make at their child’s baptism. One of those promises is to “place in their hands the holy scriptures.” Our congregation provides parents with two opportunities to do this during worship.

Children 3 years of age are presented with The Beginner’s Bible and welcomed to attend Kingdom Kids Sunday school on the first day of Kingdom Kids.  Children in 3rd grade are presented their own Adventure Study Bible during the year in worship.  This is a special day when we remember our baptismal promises to faithfully bring children to worship in God’s house, place the Holy Scripture in their hands, and provide for their instruction in the Christian Faith.

Classes are offered prior to the presentation of Bibles to provide a brief overview of the Bible, review Bible reading, and offer devotion and study for children and their families. The class will discuss the Bible’s role in worship and Christian education and invite families to begin thinking, feeling, exploring and wondering about the Bible.

Parents are the first and primary teachers of their children. The presentation of Bibles helps turn the home into the first church; a place of mutual conversations between adults and children about matters of faith. The classes preparing for the presentation of the Bible equips adults with skills and resources to share the Bible with their children.

First Communion

We offer First Communion instruction for 5th graders and their parents, and any other children and adults who feel ready to receive this Sacrament. Younger children who come forward for communion prior to this instruction receive a blessing from the communion server.

First Communion instruction takes place within a retreat setting and incorporates a number of experiences that equip all participants with a fuller understanding of Holy Communion. Children in fifth grade and their parent/s are expected to attend. The First Communion Retreat is held during Lent each year at Luther Crest Bible Camp. Participants then receive their First Communion at worship on Maundy Thursday.

Anyone interested in learning more about First Communion may contact Nicole Holtz or Randi Rach, Children’s Ministry Directors, at 320-762-2196.


Confirmation programming at First is called JR FLY and is for students 6th-9th grades. Affirmation of Baptism takes place during a special worship service in the fall of a student’s 10th grade year. For more information about JR FLY, contact Kim Taylor, Youth Ministry Director.


Graduation is an important milestone in the life of a young person.  We celebrate this milestone by recognizing high school seniors in worship on a designated Sunday. On Senior Recognition Sunday, all are welcome to enjoy cake in the Family Room before or after worship.

Senior Recognition Sunday is held on the day of graduation and each student shares with the congregation his/her future plans. We also send them on to the next part of their journey with a small gift, blessings, and the promise of God’s presence to be with them always.