Our Mission Statement and Shared Values

Mission Statement:

First Lutheran is a vibrant Christian community committed to connecting faith and life for people of all ages through worship, learning, and serving in Jesus’ name.

Shared Values:

Connecting Faith and Life — We are committed to ministry, worship, and learning opportunities that are meaningful and relevant to our daily lives.

Transformational Worship and Music — We are committed to worship and music that is joy filled, authentic, and inspiring.

Intentional Caring and Hospitality — We are committed to being a caring community that extends hospitality, builds relationships, and walks alongside one another in times of need.

Cultivating Servant Leaders — We are committed to engaging and equipping leaders by providing support, encouragement, and opportunities for involvement.

Engaged Children and Youth  — We are committed to investing in the lives of our children and youth and nurturing faith that is vibrant and active.

Inspired Lifelong Learning and Serving — We are committed to growing in faith, generosity, and service in all seasons of life.