Through our baptism, God gives each of us spiritua gifts to use for the common good. As Christians, we are called to work together and support one another. Our spiritual gifts make us better prepared and equipped to perform in some areas of ministry over others. Often your spiritual gift is something you enjoy and find easy to do.

Lord, I want to make a difference but am not sure how to do it. Give me wisdom to know where I can best make a contribution. Reveal to me my spiritual gifts; help me better understand what those gifts mean to me and how I can use them for your purposes. Most of all, give me a servant’s heart to follow the example you’ve set for me. In Jesus’ name, amen.

After completing your Spiritual Gifts Inventory Assessment, there are two important questions to consider:
1) What did finding out your spiritual gifts mean to you?
2) No that you have found out your spiritual gifts, what are you going to do about it?
In addition to us each having spiritual gifts, we each have a unique personal style as well. Your personal style determines whether you find more energy by being involved with projets that are task-oriented or people-oriented and whether you prefer to be structured or unstructured.
As you consider your personal style, keep in mind that your personal style is God-given. Serving in ways that are consistent with your personal style will help you make the most of your spiritual gifts.
Below there are examples of possible ways to use your spiritual gifts for ministry at First Lutheran. These lists have been provided as a starting point in exploring the possibilities for putting your gifts to use within our congregation and in your community.
Our hope is that as you ask God for insight and go through these examples, you will discover your ministry passion (which may or may not be on this list). You may consider asking yourself, “Is there something I would like to do in church but no one has yet asked me to do? If so, what is it?”
If you would like to meet with someone to further discuss the results of your Spiritual Gifts inventory and how to put your gifts to use, we have a team of people from the congregation who are willing to meet with you one-on-one.  To set up a meeting with someone from our Spiritual Gifts Team, please contact the church office.